Hazardous Materials

All North Metro firefighters are trained and equipped in hazardous materials (HazMat) response at the state-certified operations level, giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct scene size-up, initial threat assessment, begin containment, establish decontamination, and build exclusion zones on a hazardous materials incident. 

Of this group, North Metro Fire has 25 members with advanced HazMat training who make up its Hazardous Materials Team. HazMat team members are state-certified at the technician level who operate advanced equipment designed to detect chemical, biological, and radiological hazards, perform technical research necessary to identify threats, and who go "down range" to perform reconnaissance, rescue or recovery, sampling, and control and mitigation measures. These technicians receive ongoing training around the country in HazMat Chemistry, Incident Management, Transportation Incidents, Oil and Gas Response, and CBRNE and WMD. 

Operating out of our North Metro Fire's HazMat Station (#67), the North Metro Hazmat Team responds to chemical spills, industrial accidents, oil and gas fires, drug labs, train derailments, and transportation crashes involving hazardous materials. Due to the unique dangers and sophistication of today's hazardous material incidents, the team works in strong partnership with the Adams and Jefferson County Hazardous Response Authority, and specifically our fellow North Area fire departments, allowing us to combine skills and resources to optimize our service to the community.