Hazardous Materials

All North Metro firefighters are trained and equipped to deal with hazardous materials (HazMat) containment, evacuation and minimization of long-term effects at hazardous material incidents. In addition to minimum training levels, close to 30 of the District’s firefighters are certified to advanced Hazardous Material Technician-level. This advanced training allows the HazMat Team to handle more dangerous and more sophisticated chemical spills in compliance with federal certification requirements and safety regulations.
People in HazMat Suits
North Metro Fire’s HazMat Team works in partnership with neighboring agencies as part of the North Area Hazardous Materials Response Team. On larger incidents, multiple agencies in the north area will pool resources together for a unified response. In addition, North Metro Fire’s HazMat Team members and senior staff are also heavily involved in developing regional response protocols in cooperation with the members of the North Metro Drug Task Force for the Adams/Jefferson HazMat Authority.