Our Mission and Values

North Metro Fire Rescue District's employees and its leaders collectively came up with the mission and values that guide the organization in all of its actions.

Department Slogan

Excellence through each individual act

Mission Statement

To be a responsive, all‐hazard organization that works to provide a caring, high‐quality, professional delivery of service

Core Values

Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District take pride in their commitment to professional service by maintaining their skills, knowledge and abilities. All members of the District are committed to conducting themselves in an ethical manner, conforming to a standard that treats one other and the people they serve humanely, professionally and honestly. Through their actions, North Metro Fire personnel uphold the following values:


Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District are accountable to each other and the community they serve. They accept responsibility for their decisions and actions.


Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District make decisions and implement services in a forthcoming manner, providing accurate information to internal stakeholders, government partners and members of the community.

Integrity, Trust and Respect:

Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District demonstrate trust and respect for all persons and cultivate individual and organizational integrity in all that they do.


Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District adapt to the ever‐changing needs of their community, the organization and the environment.

Innovation and Resourcefulness:

Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District are committed to the advancement of District services and programs through inquiry, evaluation, problem solving and constant improvement.


Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District recognize that every member of the District is important and has value. They practice collaborative decision‐making, when appropriate, at all levels of the organization.


Members of North Metro Fire Rescue District do not seek personal recognition. The strength of their character is based not on individual recognition or importance, but through their work and opportunity to serve.

These principles and values reflect the makeup of the men and women of North Metro Fire and the community they serve.

A Culture of Respect and Collaboration

North Metro Fire's mission and values drive the culture of the organization. North Metro firefighters are members of the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2203. Relationships between the members, management and those unaffiliated with Local 2203 is collaborative and respectful.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement and our District's Rules and Regulations provide guidance on appropriate behavior, rewards and corrective action. 

Employee Development

Our performance management program says a lot about who we are and how we support the success of our workforce. It supports our living culture.
All employees are held accountable on how well they demonstrate our values, common functions such as leadership, communications and customer service, as well as the specialized functions of their job, goals and ancillary duties. Achievement of performance objectives determines administrative staff’s annual merit, and it is one of the considerations for promotion for our firefighters on the line.