Prospective Firefighters

Collage of firefighters doing their job with the words: Join the best. Be your best.North Metro Fire Rescue District recruits employees who will embrace our mission and values and play an active role in making our organization the best fire district. We seek a diverse group of individuals representing a variety of education, skills and experiences to join our team.

From the newest firefighter to our highest ranking officers, everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the organization's growth and development.

North Metro Fire is more than an employer. We are family. Check out what our employees have to say about working at North Metro Fire. We hope you decide to join our team! 

2023 Testing and Hiring Dates

Application and Testing Dates

  • For the May 2023 hiring cycle, North Metro Fire is only hiring paramedics or firefighter/paramedics.
  • Application deadline - May 22, 2023 (5 p.m. MST)

Hiring Timeline (Tentative Dates) for Fall Academy

  • May 22 - Applications due and selected candidates will be invited to assessment process
  • May 30 and 31 - EMS assessment
  • June 1 - General assessment
  • Week of June 12 - Interview process and additional screening/testing
  • June 30 - Final job offers extended
  • August 1 - Pre-academy orientation and training
  • August 14 - Start of North Area Fire Academy
    • Lateral hires may be eligible for a modified academy depending on experience  

Learn More and Apply

  • Fill out our firefighter interest form to begin the process of becoming a North Metro firefighter and to connect with someone on our team
  • Sign up for a ride-along with one of our engine or medic crews to learn more about the career and North Metro Fire culture

Steps to Becoming a North Metro Firefighter

  1. A firefighter works to extinguish a fire on the side of an outbuildingLearn about the firefighting profession and North Metro Fire
    1. Firefighting is a unique profession. If you desire a profession that is dynamic, rewarding, team-oriented and an opportunity to make a difference, this may be the job for you. 
    2. With more than 70% of our emergency calls involving medical care, North Metro Fire supports a progressive emergency medical services (EMS) program that strives to deliver the best in evidence-based, pre-hospital care. All of North Metro's firefighters play a vital role in providing emergency medical care, in addition to responding to a variety of hazards.
    3. Our department encourages professional development and growth, and offers opportunities to engage and contribute to the organization's strategic plan, receive quality training and education, promote within, and join one of the District's special teams: wildland, technical rescue, hazardous materials and airport operations. 
    4. Our department operates on a 48/96 schedule, meaning you'll work two 24-hour shifts at the fire station and then have four days off.
    5. North Metro Fire offers competitive pay and great benefits, including well-being programs for employees.
    6. Get to know us! If you are an EMS student or enrolled in a fire service program, we invite you to sign up for a ride-along with one of our crews. Shadow us for a few hours and get insight into the job and the people who make up our North Metro family. 
    7. Find opportunities to work in EMS, and/or volunteer at a volunteer fire department to gain experience.
  2. Fulfill the minimum requirements
    1. Must be 18 years or older
    2. High school degree or higher education
    3. Valid unrestricted driver's license (must obtain a Colorado licenses prior to the end of the fire academy)
    4. Valid EMT or paramedic certification (must be Colorado state-certified by the end of the fire academy)
      1. Earn your EMT certification for FREE - Through the State of Colorado's Care Forward Colorado program, you can have your school tuition, fees, and course materials covered while pursuing your EMT certification as program funding allows.. 
      2. Additionally, North Metro Fire provides opportunities for its firefighters to go to paramedic school, paid for by the fire department. 
    5. Valid Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) certification - valid for one year from the date of the exam
      1. Some venues that offer the CPAT include:
        1. Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado. The test is offered monthly.
        2. Pikes Peak State College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
  3. Complete firefighter testing
    1. PLEASE NOTE: For the May 2023 hiring period, paramedic candidates are not required to take the NTN or IOS firefighter test. Instead, you can apply directly to North Metro Fire to be considered for employment.
    2. Those who have taken the IOS or NTN test in the past year will also be eligible for hiring consideration. We encourage all candidates to fill out an application, regardless of whether you completed a firefighter test or not. 
      1. One testing pool that North Metro Fire hires from is the National Testing Network FireTEAM testing pool. Tests are conducted at various sites throughout the year.
      2. North Metro Fire also is part of the Colorado FIREfighter Testing Consortium, comprised of 12 fire departments in the Denver area. The consortium hires from the Industrial/Organizational Solutions (IOStesting pool. This test is conducted twice a year, once in spring and once in the fall, and test scores are good for one year. You can re-test if you want to improve your score, and IOS will take the better of the two tests to report to hiring departments.
      3. North Metro Fire utilizes scores from both testing pools as part of their hiring process.
    3. To be considered for hiring, a candidate must pass all testing categories with a score of 70% or higher.
    4. In addition to the testing scores, considerations are given to candidates with military background and references from North Metro Fire employees. 
  4. Undergo medical skills assessment (paramedic candidates only)
    1. Paramedics will participate in a medical assessment of their paramedic skills, including a written test and EMS hands-on scenarios. EMTs do not participate in a medical skills assessment test.
  5. Participate in general skills assessment and interview process
    1. Paramedics who pass the medical assessment process and selected EMTs from the testing pool will then receive the opportunity to participate in a general skills assessment. The assessment consists of two separate interview panels as well as a written exercise.
    2. Candidates who pass the general skills assessment process are eligible for hire and placed on one of two hiring eligibility lists - one for EMTs and one for paramedics. These lists are then certified by North Metro Fire's Civil Service Committee. 
    3. In order of rank, candidates are interviewed by North Metro Fire's chiefs. Following the chiefs' interviews, selected candidates are given conditional job offers. Once a conditional job offer is received, the candidate will need to pass a medical/physical evaluation, including a drug test, as well as a background check. Candidates who have ever been convicted of a felony, or who have been convicted of a misdemeanor within the last two years, will be subject to an individualized evaluation as to whether the criminal activity should disqualify the candidate. In addition, North Metro Fire will conduct acrophobia and claustrophobia testing to ensure a candidate is fit for the occupation.  
    4. Once these processes are satisfactorily completed, a final job offer will be given to the new hire candidate.  
  6. Participate and graduate from the North Area Fire Academy
    1. North Metro Fire employees typically are hired and begin training two weeks prior to the North Area Fire Academy start date. The North Area Fire Academy is 14-16 weeks long and takes place primarily at the North Metro Fire Training Center. 
    2. Typically, the academy's weekly schedule consists of four 10-hour days. North Metro Fire will provide firefighter training and certification requirements during the fire academy. 
    3. Lateral hires may qualify for a modified academy program, dependent on experience. 

Train for your Firefighting Career

academy car fire trainingOnce you receive and accept your final job offer, the real process of becoming a firefighter begins. North Metro Fire has a state-of-the-art Training Center Complex that demonstrates our commitment to training, safety and the health of our employees. 

We are part of the North Area Fire Departments group, which includes Adams County Fire, Brighton Fire, South Adams County Fire, Thornton Fire and Westminster Fire.

Once you have graduated from the fire academy, you will become a probationary firefighter for a one-year period, where your training and assessment will continue under the supervision of a company officer.