Radio Amplification Systems

Should it be determined that public radio signal coverage is not adequate as specified by the adopted Fire Code and referenced standards, an enhanced radio amplification system must be installed as specified.  To avoid delays in review and permitting of your plans, reports, and design specifications for an Emergency Responder Radio Communication system, please provide all documents in PDF format. Plan submittals shall be in accordance with the requirements of the adopted Fire Code and referenced NFPA standards.  

The Fire District should be contacted to obtain specific technical information related to required radio frequencies, the locations of antenna sites, and other supporting technical information necessary for system design.

Design submittals should demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the adopted Fire Code, including but not limited to the following:

  • Submittals shall bear the stamp/seal, original signature, and date of the Colorado-licensed Professional Engineer in responsible charge of the system design.
  • Floorplans showing the system layout shall be drawn to a standard, indicated engineering or architectural scale.
  • Signal strength measured throughout the finished structure during surveys to determine system needs, and expected signal strengths throughout the building areas based on design calculations.
  • NEMA cabinet type for each system component
  • The method of standby power
  • System monitoring by the building fire alarm system
  • System component manufacturer specifications / information data sheets