Automatic Fire Sprinkler

To avoid delays in your automatic sprinkler system plan review, please include sprinkler system plans (i.e., shop drawings) in PDF format drawn to a standard, indicated engineering or architectural scale. Plan submittals shall be in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 13 and shall include the following information:

  • The stamp/seal and original signature of a Colorado-licensed professional engineer
  • Floor plan, including use or occupancy classification of each room
  • Full-height cross section, including ceiling construction and method of protection for nonmetallic piping;
  • The location of any fire department connections (FDC)
  • Hydraulic reference points
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Water-supply information
  • Building construction information, including sufficient information regarding locations of partitions, fire walls, and identification of construction features that may obstruct sprinkler discharge (e.g., ducts, lighting fixtures, etc.);
  • Manufacturers’ technical data sheets (i.e., “cut sheets”) for all equipment, devices, and material