Engineering Services

North Metro's Fire Prevention Division can provide technical assistance during the planning and construction process. Its plan reviewers are available to answer technical and administrative questions as well as to assist in developing solutions to fire protection problems regardless of complexity. Assistance is available to all individuals – from people who are just getting started in the planning process to code consultants and fire protection engineers who are part of a specific project’s design team. The Fire Prevention Division’s technical staff can help identify when an alternative method or performance-based approach to achieving code compliance may be appropriate and can help outline the steps necessary to properly demonstrate that the intent of the code is being met.

Steps in Plan Review Process

Plans are reviewed as a proactive step to identify any potential problems or code violations and ensure compliance with adopted fire code regulations. Plans are reviewed on a first-in, first-out basis, with plan review turnaround depending largely on the amount of construction taking place in the jurisdiction at the time the plan is submitted. In order for a project to have a higher potential for on-time completion, construction schedules should account for plan review time by all agencies involved, including the Fire Prevention Division.

All plans shall be drawn to a nationally accepted engineering or architectural scale. The Fire Prevention Division no longer accepts paper or hard copies of plans for review and only accepts electronic plan submittals in PDF format. In order to avoid unnecessary delays that can be associated with the submittal of incomplete plans, plan submittals should be as complete as possible the first time they are submitted. Lastly, all fire protection system plans submitted shall be stamped by a Colorado-licensed professional engineer (Exception: fire protection plans for small jobs that qualify for Fast Track permits). 

Common Types of Plans that Require Review & Approval by the Fire Prevention Division