Permit / Plan Review Application Status Report

See the table below for the current list of permit / plan review applications. The list is of all permits currently open and completed in the last 15 days. This list is updated twice daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Submittal/Review Status Definitions

  • Approved - In Processing:  Plan review has been completed, approved or conditionally approved, and is in the queue for processing and release by our administrative staff.
  • Assigned to Reviewer:  Submitted documents have been logged into our system and are in the review queue.
  • Denied:  The plan review has been completed and the submittal has been denied.  The letter may or may not have been sent.
  • FYI - No Comments:  A review has been completed and the Fire District has no comments on the submittal.
  • Incomplete - On Hold:  The submitted documents have been initially reviewed, and additional information is required.
  • OK to Fast-Track:  The submittal qualifies, and has been approved for fast-tracking and has been transferred to the administrative assistant for processing.
  • Permit Issued:  For construction or operational permit submittals.   The plan review completed, applicant contacted, all fees paid, and the permit has been issued to the applicant.
  • Review and Processing Completed:  For submittals where a permit is not issued, e.g., planning referrals, building or tenant construction reviews, etc.  The plan review is complete, the plan review letter has been processed, all fees have been paid, and all correspondence has been sent to the applicant.
  • Review Complete - In Processing:  Similar to “Approved – In Processing,” the plan review has been completed (likely denied), and the plan review comment letter is in the administrative queue for processing and release.
  • Review Completed - Fees Due:  The plan review has been completed, and all administrative work is complete.   Fees due information has been sent for invoicing to applicant.  Applicant has been contacted advising of fees due.
  • Review Started:  The plan reviewer has begun the review.
  • Withdrawn - Canceled:  The submittal has been withdrawn by the applicant.
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