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Open Fire Code Violations/Environmental Site Assessment Records Request

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  3. Location(s)
    Disclaimer: North Metro Fire requires the use of an exact address (e.g., 1000 West Midway Blvd.) for record searching purposes. If an exact address cannot be provided, a “hundred block” can be substituted for the location. The fire district does NOT accept county parcel, latitude/longitude or intersections as valid locations for an Open Fire Code Violations/Environmental Site Assessment Records Request. If requesting information for more than one address, each individual requested address must be provided on the form. The Fire District will NOT accept an address range (e.g., 3240-3890 W. 144th Avenue). Failure to follow these address requirements will be immediate grounds for the fire district’s rejection of the request.
  4. Fees
    North Metro Fire will not assess a processing fee for a request that takes one hour or less to complete. Pursuant to 24-72-205(5)(a). C.R.S., the fire district may assess a fee of $30.00/hour for processing time in excess of one hour. Additionally, the fire district may assess reproduction fees for any hard copies/non-electronic records provided back to the requesting party.
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