Fire Impact Fees

In 2017, the District developed and executed an intergovernmental agreement with the County of Adams.

C.R.S. 29-1-803(1) requires the District to post “in a clear, concise, and user-friendly format”, the following information each year:

  • the allocation by dollar amount of each land development charge (i.e., impact fee) collected in the previous year;
  • the average annual interest rate on each account in which the impact fees were deposited; and
  • the total amount disbursed from each account. 


  • No activity and no disbursements in 2017


  • Annual Percentage Yield Earned: 1.29%
  • No disbursements in 2018


DateCustomerAddress Total Collected
5/4/2018New Vision Partners12610 Uinta St.$557.00
5/11/2018New Vision Partners12460 Uinta St.$557.00
7/12/2018New Vision Development12535 Valentia St.$557.00
7/12/2018New Vision Development12641 Verbena$557.00
7/12/2018New Vision Development8545 E 125th Ct.$557.00
9/12/2018New Vision Partners12631 Unita St.$557.00
9/26/2018New Vision Partners12425 Velentia St. (Spec Home)$557.00
10/17/2018Melvin LedererLederer Residence$577.00



  • Annual Percentage Yield Earned: 1.29% 
  • No activity and no disbursements in 2019


  • Annual Percentage Yield Earned: 0.05%
  • No disbursements in 2020


DateCustomerAddressTotal Collected
1/17/2020Manuel Solano14789 Harrison St., Brighton$557.00
12/7/2020Raul Treto15970 Washington St., Broomfield $436.00
12/31/2020Raul Treto15970 Washington St., Broomfield$436.00