Youth Firesetter Program

Playing With Fire...A Dangerous Game!

Everyone in the community, including parents, fire and police departments, teachers, churches and the medical community need to get involved to help our youth who are setting fires. Curiosity about fire is natural for children, but setting fires is not. 

North Metro Fire encourages parents to call us for help immediately if you have or know of a child that is experimenting with fire and accelerants. A free program to educate youth in a safe, private, one-on-one environment is offered to kids up to age 17. This program is designed to deter and educate children about the dangers of fire play before problems reach a point that result in intentional firesetting. Participants will learn about the meaning of arson along with its consequences and legal implications.

Some Signs Parents Should Look for to Spot Fire Play

  • Burn spots on carpet or furniture
  • Burned paper or ashes under a bed, in the trash or around a desk
  • Burn spots in the yard, around school, home or open space
  • Missing matches or lighters
  • Missing aerosol cans, gasoline, alcohol products or chemicals
  • Stories from your children’s friends or siblings
  • Reports of fire activity from school officials or activity leaders


  • Free


  • Contact North Metro Fire to schedule


  • Phone: 720-887-0404 or 303-252-3547