Stay Informed

During an emergency, receiving timely and accurate information is important. Make sure you are registered for your city and county's emergency notification system. Additionally, follow your city, fire and law enforcement social media channels to keep up with the latest news.

Property can be replaced, but your life cannot. If you feel it's unsafe to remain in your home, don't wait for an emergency notification. Get your things and go. Learn more about each county's emergency notification system and sign up.

Register to Receive Emergency AlertsPhoto of a smartphone with the words "Emergency Notification"

Get the Latest Emergency News

During an emergency, access the latest news and updates by following your city, law enforcement and fire departments social media channels. collage of social media icons

Additionally, you can follow North Metro Fire's Facebook and Twitter feed on our website without being a registered member of either service. We also post news to NextDoor, but not as frequently as the other platforms.