Emergency Preparedness

If There's an Emergency, Are You Prepared?

We know after the Marshall Fire occurred, many of our residents were wondering, could that happen to me or my neighborhood? The answer is possibly. Events like the Marshall Fire are rare, but they can happen anywhere that wildland (unoccupied and undeveloped land) intersects urban areas. We call this transition space between open spaces and forests and residential areas a "wildland-urban interface."  

Events like the Marshall Fire are not common and require a certain combination of weather, terrain and fuel conditions to overcome firefighting efforts and damage large residential areas. Unfortunately, in recent years, the risk of wildland fires has increased due to drought conditions and more frequent wind events. 

Steps We Are Taking to Protect Our Community

Wildland fires aren't the only hazard that can threaten our community. North Metro Fire is working closely with our cities and counties to assess each community's risk for a variety of hazards, including fire, hazardous materials, snowstorms, etc. 

As a result of these assessments, North Metro Fire and its board of directors plans for the resources and personnel needed to protect the community. The cities have also been great partners, taking proactive measures to help address risk throughout the community. 

However, in order to fully protect our community, YOU, our residents, must do your part. Regardless of whether it's a natural disaster or another type of major incident, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and your home when these events happen. 

Learn more about North Metro Fire's action plan for wildfire risk mitigation. 

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