File of Life Program

The File of Life is a red, magnetic packet that contains important medical information about you and your family. The File of Life also provides an area to list contact information for your doctor and family members that emergency personnel should know while caring for you.

Who Should Fill One Out?

Not just for senior adults, the File of Life is for people of all ages, especially individuals with chronic or severe medical conditions and/or developmental disabilities.

Where Should I Place It?

The red, magnetic packet(s) should be hung on the outside front of the refrigerator in a visible location for emergency responders to see.

A Few Things to Remember When Using the File of Life

  • Record the information in pencil, so updates and revisions can be made as necessary.
  • The information is only useful if it is updated frequently. Participants are urged to maintain current information regarding medication and dosages.

Getting a File of Life Packet

To obtain a File of Life at no charge, please call 303-452-9910.
file of life