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North Metro Fire Rescue District Training Center houses a number of first responder exterior training props. Whether your training purpose is to simulate fire service incidents, police operations, or improve specialized driving techniques – this facility provides the appropriate conditions.

Exterior Prop Descriptions

Car Fire

The Car Fire prop is a single vehicle fire simulation. This prop is fueled by propane and does have limited mobility on the Training Center’s grounds. In normal situations involving a car fire, a very common tactic of choice is to utilize foam as a fire suppressant. However, foam should not be used to extinguish the fire from the Car Fire prop.

Running Fuel Spill

The Running Fuel Spill prop simulates fuel that has leaked/spilled from its container and has caught fire. The prop is fueled by propane and has no mobility. In normal situations involving a fuel spill, a very common tactic of choice is to utilize foam as a fire suppressant. However, foam should not be used to extinguish the fire from the Running Fuel Spill prop.

Hazardous Materials

The Hazardous Materials prop simulates leaks involving both liquid and gas. There are a series of pipes that allow students to trace a leak to its source and plug it or close appropriate valves. In addition, the Hazardous Materials prop has a stairway that leads to a fabricated shell that responders would find similar to the shell of a gasoline tanker or a rail car.

Confined Space

The Confined Space prop simulates real world conditions that exist in every city’s storm system. The prop starts as a 36” pipe system and gradually works down to an 18” pipe after traversing through a 24” and a 20” pipe. Students can enter or exit the prop as necessary through a series of manhole covers placed strategically throughout the prop at conjunction points where the pipe changes size.

Trench Rescue

The Trench Rescue prop simulates conditions that may exist when construction of water and sewer lines is taking place. Students can practice the latest shoring and rescue techniques while simultaneously communicating with team members that are either in the trench or on the outer edge.

Extrication Yard

The Extrication Yard is a fenced area that holds vehicles used by students to practice extrication techniques.

Driving Track

A significant portion of the Training Center can be utilized by students that are learning to drive specialized machinery, including fire department apparatus. The Driving Track provides the student with ample opportunity to negotiate both left and right turns, open area driving, and tighter, more restricted areas. The Burn Building area is constructed to simulate a “cityscape” that has curbs and landscaping.