5th Grade

Fire Science Program

Students will learn about the science of fire in order to prevent its occurrence. They will learn about the dangers of fire and how quickly it spreads. They will also identify when fire is appropriate to be used as a tool by adults. Students will also learn the definition of arson and the legal implications for those committing arson.

Hazard House Presentation

Every house has a number of hazards that can potentially harm a child or teen. In this class, kids will learn about common hazards in each room of a home. The class incorporates the use of a miniature house filled with various fire and injury hazards that students much search for and point out. 

Teachers: Most presentations last 45 minutes, due to the school curriculum; we can adjust the time for your busy schedule. Virtual presentations are available. Please contact Pam to schedule these essential safety presentations at 720.887.0404 or fill out our request form online.