How can I request a fire engine and crew to come to my event?

We try to support as many community-wide events as we can. However, our first responsibility is to respond to emergencies, so sometimes we can't make an event due to emergency call volume, firefighter training and other necessary emergency service duties. If you would like to request a fire engine to stop by your community event, please contact the public information officer at 303-252-3017 or via email You may also fill out an online request form to request a fire engine for your event. Please submit your request at least two weeks prior to your event. 

Please note, we do not send fire engines to promotional events for businesses, such as grand openings. However, in certain circumstances, we will partner with community businesses on safety education opportunities and send a fire engine to coincide with an educational event at a business. 

Typically, we schedule crews to attend an event for one to two hours maximum. Our fire engine crew and ambulance crew stay in service when attending community events. For this reason, there may be times when our crews must leave an event early to respond to an emergency call, or they may arrive late or not at all due to an emergency. Please understand we will do our best to attend your event, but providing the best emergency response to our citizens is our first priority. 

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1. How can I request a fire engine and crew to come to my event?
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