Do you accept monetary or in-kind donations such as clothing or toys?

North Metro Fire is able to accept monetary donations through the North Metro Fire Rescue District Community Foundation. Donations to the foundation are used to support fire and life safety programs in our community as well as the emergency financial needs of local first responders who are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty and their immediate families. If you would like to donate to our foundation, you may send a check made out to "NMFRD Community Foundation" to North Metro Fire's Headquarters at 101 Spader Way, Broomfield CO 80020. 

North Metro Fire doesn't accept in-kind donations of clothing, furniture, toys, etc. for the most part due to the lack of storage for such items. However, we do host a back-to-school drive and holiday toy drive during the year and will happily accept your new items to assist local families in need. 

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