Where can I recycle or retire my old and worn flags?

North Metro Fire accepts flags for retirement at their Headquarters building and fire stations throughout the year, but residents can also drop off their old flags at the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum and the Broomfield Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall. Each June around Flag Day, the fire district hosts an official Flag Retirement Ceremony with the help of the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum, Broomfield Police, the VFW and local boy and girl scouts. We encourage the public to join us in retiring some of the donated flags and honoring our nation's most regarded symbol.

You don't have to donate your flag to the fire district or other organizations in order to properly retire it. You simply need to cut the union of stars out from the stripes. Then the American flag is no longer considered to be a flag, and you can respectfully discard of the remnants in a receptacle. With the many synthetic flags used today, we no longer encourage residents to burn their flag remnants. Burning synthetic flags will expose you unnecessarily to harmful toxins released from the flag.  

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