Ambulance Membership Program

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Even when you are doing everything right, you can't always avoid accidents and emergencies. However, you can help plan for them with help from North Metro Fire Rescue District.

Save Money on Your Ambulance Transport & Emergency Care

Any emergency where you end up at the hospital can be a costly one. Medical calls account for over 70% of North Metro Fire's calls annually, and the majority of those calls require medical care and ambulance transport.

North Metro Fire helps lessen the financial burden for residents through its Ambulance Membership Program (AMP). With an ambulance membership, your insurance company will be billed after you utilize our transport service, and North Metro Fire will accept your insurance's payment as payment-in-full for up to $1,500 annually. You won't have to pay any other out-of-pocket expenses!

Membership Benefits

  • Coverage of costs associated with an ambulance transport during an emergency that are not covered by your insurance, such as co-pays and deductibles, up to $1,500 annually for each member of your household
  • Coverage for your entire household for the year (household does not include guests in your home)
  • Coverage for any 911-initiated ambulance transport by North Metro Fire
  • A small annual fee to provide your family with peace of mind

Membership Requirements 

  • Must be a resident of North Metro Fire Rescue District
  • Must already have health insurance

What is NOT Included in a Membership 

  • Payment for ambulance services that originate outside of the District
  • Ambulance transport for friends and family visiting your home
  • Facility-to-facility transportation or non-emergent transports that weren't initiated by a 911 call
  • Remember, a membership is not insurance and is not intended to be a substitute for insurance

Check out our frequently asked questions for additional information on the Ambulance Membership Program.

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