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2023 Classes/Seminars

July - August

Lithium Ion Battery Fires

This course will teach participants response strategies for electric vehicle fires on the streets and structural fires involving scooters, e-bikes and stored energy systems. 

When discussing interior firefighting, there are significant changes in tactics and fire behavior. Next Level Extrication Owner/Instructor Paul Shoemaker will provide the most up to date information to participants based on research and development from UL and NFPA. Participants will learn the proper steps for identification, how to secure the scene, the proper steps to extinguish the lithium ion and different tactics used for these types of fires. There will also be discussion on how to implement these tactics into policies and procedures at one's home agency. 

  • Instructor: Paul Shoemaker, Next Level Extrication
  • Class dates: July 31, August 8, and August 10
  • Training sessions
    • Morning classroom instruction (8 a.m. - Noon) - Free
    • Afternoon practical training (1 - 5 p.m.) - $75 (Must attend morning classroom session in order to participate in practical training); Lunch provided; Limited to 32 participants
  • Registration (classroom-only session)

  • Registration (both classroom and practical sessions)

About the Instructor:

Paul Shoemaker

Paul Shoemaker is the owner of Next Level Extrication and has been in the fire service for over 15 years. He is a subject matter expert for the National Fire Protection Association and UL Solutions, providing research and development on handling lithium ion battery fires. Shoemaker is an instructor at FDIC and has worked with Tesla to develop a safety video for first responders. He is also a member of the SAE 2990 Committee.