Propane Exchange Cages

When applying for a propane exchange cage installation, the applicant needs to:

  1. Complete an Application for Plan Review (PDF).
  2. Include a check for $50.00 to cover the cost associated with the construction permit.
  3. Include a site plan indicating the details of the cage (i.e., dimensions, number and size/capacity of cylinders to be stored), where the cage is going to be located, where the bollards (i.e., crash protection) will be, and where building openings (i.e., doors, windows, vents, etc.) are in relation to the exchange cage.
After the construction permit to install the propane exchange cage has been issued, the installation will be inspected by the fire district. Upon successful completion of the final inspection, an operational permit will be issued to the operator of the propane exchange cage. The fee for the operational permit will be invoiced to the operator of the propane exchange cage and will be based on a fee schedule of $50.00 per hour for as long as the inspection takes to determine compliance with the operational requirements of the fire code ($50.00 minimum).