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Dr. David Griffin Training Class

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On June 18, 2007, nine firefighters perished in a warehouse fire in Charleston, SC.  David had the unfortunate experience of being the engineer on the first due engine that day & suffered from PTSD.  He delved into a life of alcohol and prescription drug abuse, had erratic behavior, sleeve tattoos, depression and survivor’s guilt.  Find out how he changed PTSD into PTG – Post-Traumatic Growth.

This seminar will present:
  • Learning how to change PTSD into PTG – post-traumatic growth
  • How PTG is a phenomenon where a person becomes stronger
  • Insight how PTG creates a more meaningful life for those in the wake of trauma
  • Discussion of the signs and symptoms of PTSD
  • Attendees will complete a Posttraumatic Growth Inventory Survey to identify level of PTG
  • Ability to administer survey to their organization to identify signs and symptoms of PTSD
  • Take away tangible tools to assist in the fight against PTSD and firefighter suicides

Cost is $50.

PLEASE NOTE: All sessions are the same class, so attendees should only register for one class.

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